Project Management

You can choose to engage us throughout your development project, allowing us to provide comprehensive services at every stage of development, including pre-development consulting, financing support: to project management from pre- to post-construction; to tenant coordination; to facilities management.

Beyond the specific needs of one project, we can also help you with strategic planning and implementation for your portfolio with asset management services, implementation of major capital expenditures, as well as tactical management with operational plans, facilities management, and tenant coordination.

Valuations & Estate Management

We have experience of valuing a broad variety of property types, with acknowledged expertise in the valuation of mineral and waste management assets and ancillary property.
Newhall Capital & Logistics’ experienced team of qualified surveyors is able to provide a wide range of property and development services. Working closely with Newhall Capital & Logistics Ltd other technical disciplines; we are able to advise clients throughout the ‘property life cycle’, from acquisition to disposal.

Valuation and Appraisal – Valuations are undertaken for corporate accounting and funding purposes, with valuation advice provided for commercial transactions, compulsory purchase and taxation. Specialist services include valuations of plant and machinery and appraisals for fire insurance purposes.

land Development

We are your one source target when it comes to reliable land development in Lagos. Invest wisely without sleepless night or bad dreams

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Supertall and Super Sustainable


Land Development Process

Land development is the process of acquiring large expanse of land, securing all government approvals such as approved layout, certificate of occupancy and selling the laid out land for both residential and commercial purposes. Our development process considers our host communities, the natural habitats and the topography of our location. Impact on these critical components […]

Why Invest in Land?

Investment in land is assured of maintaining its value even when all the other markets remain turbulent. Of all the other markets, investment in land is the only one that is tangible and real. Little wonder, it is investment in land that is called real estate while others are markets. The product remains largely fixed […]

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