Land Investment

Why Invest in Land?

Investment in land is assured of maintaining its value even when all the other markets remain turbulent.  (more…)

Land Development

Land development is the process of acquiring large expanse of land, securing all government approvals such as approved layout, certificate of occupancy and selling the laid out land for both residential and commercial purposes.  (more…)

Construction Management

Do you have a landed property within any of our scheme? Several customers do but who lack the time and managerial resources to take physical possession of their plots and commence construction. (more…)



Phase 1 – Your Gated Communities

Sky Court is envisioned and planned by Newhall Capital & Logistics Ltd. the developer of government approved Sky Garden City, the Investors’ Paradise. Sky Court is a planned community of 100 families.  Each building consists of 2 bedrooms semi-detached bungalow, three toilets, two baths, a kitchen and family lounge in a nurturing environment with price […]

Our Communities

As part of our corporate social responsibilities to our community, the management of Newhall Capital & Logistics Ltd provided reliable and clean sources of water for host communities.  Three (3) wells were donated to different host communities around the environ of the Estate.  In addition, we provided electricity poles for another.  Our aim is to […]

The Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) – Useless?

Why do we send children to school when the certificate obtained is so worthless that the child could neither work with it nor able to deploy knowledge gained?  Government should please come to our aid. We all send our children to schools.  The big boys that can afford $10,000.00 per term school in Nigeria to […]

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